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If you have any questions that we have been unable to answer here, just contact our office!


You ride or “fly” along 18 steel cables from tree platform to tree platform using a pulley. While doing so, you can enjoy views that are sometimes very impressive, both in terms of nature and height. There are jumps onto abseiling devices between the zip lines. Our Ziplinepark is not one single long zip line where you “race” into the valley. But it’s exciting – don’t worry!


Our season runs from spring to autumn. You can find the exact days in the booking calendar.

Age, weight, head for heights?

You must be at least 12 years old and weigh 35 kg. You must be no heavier than 120 kg. If you are afraid of heights, zip-lining is not suitable for you. During the jumps, you are at a height of around 10 to 20 metres.

Zip-lining with a disability?

If you are unsure whether your disability makes zip-lining impossible or too difficult, just give us a call. Phone: +49 (0) 63 28-9 84 94-60.


Please be at the information point 15 minutes before the start! If you are travelling by car, drive to Elmstein/Iggelbach. The Ziplinepark is located to the north of the K17 (connection between the B48 and Iggelbach) at the entrance to Iggelbach. Follow the signs.
Sat nav: Elmstein, Eschkopfstraße or
coordinates: Latitude 49°20'9.00 "N, longitude 7°54'56.00 "E (latitude 49.335833, longitude 7.915555)
(Only the office is located at the address in Wiesengasse, not the park!)
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If you are travelling by public transport, take the S-Bahn or Regionalbahn to Lambrecht and then bus 517 (direction Iggelbach) to the Zimmerplatz stop. It is a 5-minute walk from there.

If you plan your journey correctly, you can also take the historic steam train ‘Kuckucksbähnel’ (Cuckoo Railway) from Neustadt to Elmstein. You can reach the Ziplinepark from the train station on foot in about 45 minutes.


You can park directly at the park’s information point, at Iggelbach sports club/Elmstein tennis club. However, it can get crowded during football matches. There is another car park near the bus stop to the south of the site (5 minutes’ walk).


Our prices are slightly higher than at a forest ropes course. This is simply because you and the other zip-liners who start the course with you are always accompanied by one or two specially trained guides.

Redeeming vouchers?

Please during our office hours:
Mondays to Thursdays: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
Fridays: 8.00 am to 4.00 pm
Telephone: +49 (0)6328 - 984 94 60


We will notify you in the event of thunder and storms if you have already booked. You can, of course, go on the zip line on another day. Otherwise, zip-lining is really exciting in any weather. When it rains (in appropriate clothing), it’s even more exciting than in ‘good weather’.


Long or cropped jeans or outdoor trousers, a T-shirt or long-sleeved top (shoulders should be covered) and sturdy flat shoes with a tread are important. Do not wear scarves, shawls or loose jewellery. Long hair should be tied back in a ponytail (hair tie). We’ll lend you some gloves.


The journey through our Ziplinepark takes about 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on the size and fitness of the group.

Alcohol, drugs, medication?

Zip-lining is a special experience. Alcohol or drugs do not make it any more interesting. Our guides will prohibit you from zip-lining if you are obviously impaired.


Our facility has been inspected by TÜV. All areas of the site and personal safety equipment are inspected regularly. The trees used are also inspected separately according to a fixed schedule and following strong winds. Our trained guides will explain to you in detail how to handle the equipment on the practice course. We use the most advanced belaying system currently available. Read more ...

Food and drink?

You can eat delicious schnitzel, steaks and salads in the SV Iggelbach club house. Find information here about the opening hours. You can also buy something to drink in our storeroom if you are suffering from acute thirst.


Well, hiking or mountain biking are naturally good options here. The Palatinate Forest is known to be a paradise for hikers, not least because of its inexpensive places to stop for refreshments in the form of the Palatinate Forest Association (Pfälzerwald-Verein) and Nature Lovers (Naturfreunde) huts. Tour 5 of the Palatinate Forest Mountain Bike Park leads west of Elmstein/Schafhof close to our Ziplinepark. You can reach us or continue on the tour in 10 minutes.

If you are not in the mood for exercise, visit the ‘Alte Samenklenge’ House of Forest History in Elmstein, an interesting little museum about forestry and tree seed production. Also in Elmstein, you will find the ‘Historische Wappenschmiede Elmstein’ blacksmiths, where you can forge a nail on the first Sunday of every month.